Add Google Map Location to the Website

Add Google Map Location to the Website

Add google map location on your website contact us page is the best way to share your office location for your client and user of your website. And I have suggested your add google map location in your because if you have created a product or service selling website then your client easily reaches you.

Step 1: Go to in the web browser. Google map location embed in your website is the best option for getting your location to your user. Because if you embedded google Maps in contact us page then all your users easily know your location.

Step 2: Search for your location to enter in the search bar.

google map

Step 3: Pin the location that you can share on Google map.

Step 4: And click on share.and then click embed a map.

google map embed a map

Step 4: Copy HTML code and paste your website where you can add.

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