How to add Your Website In Google Search Console or Webmaster.

How to add Website In Google Search Console.

Google Search console is a way to optimize the visibility of your website in search engines. So if you create a new website or blog first add your website in Search Console.

Step 1:- Go to the Google search console website. And click on the Search Console button on the Google Search Console website.

google search console website

Step 2:-And now Here are two methods to verify your ownership.

(i) Domain:– If you have used this method then enter your website main ( URL without https:// or www. after entering your website click on the continue button. After click click on the continue button, a new pop window appears in the web browser. And copy these code and paste in your website <head> </head> tags. But we will suggest method 2 URL prefix.

(ii) URL Prefix:- Url Prefix method you have entered your website URL using https:// or http:// click on the continue button and copy these code in your website all pages that you have shown in google search engine result. And first, you enter the code on the home page using this tag <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”your verification string”> please paste your google site verification string and click on verify. And paste this tag in your website all pages under the <head> </head> tag. This is a fast method to verify your ownership in google search console.

verify domain ownership
verification code

Step 3:- Verify your website ownership please upload your website sitemap.xml file in the google search engine console.

Step 4:- Click on Sitemaps and after click enters the sitemap.xml file enter the sitemap URL box and click on submit .if you have not created sitemal.xml then first create sitemap.xml file of your website. If you have not idea how to create a sitemap.xml file then using an online sitemap generator website. And after create a sitemal.xml file and upload the sitemap.xml file in your website public Html folder. After upload, this file repeats Step 4. And this because this will take some time to update your data in google search console or google webmaster tool.

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