How to apply for Google Adsense for a website?

Apply for Google Adsense for a website

Step 1:- Go to the Google search page and search google Adsense. before applying Google Adsense your understand some important topic.

(i) Create your website and register it Google webmaster tool. And also register it google search console.

(ii) If you buy a fresh domain then apply for Google AdSense after 1 week.

(iii) And please do not copy any website content please write fresh content on your website or blog. If you copy the content on any other website or blog then Google AdSense rejects your application.

(iv) A minimum of 4 menus adds on your website.

  • Home page
  • Contact us page
  • About us page
  • Privacy policy page

(v) And please write a minimum of 20 articles or blog with a minimum of 300 words.

Step 2:- Click on this URL Google AdSense.

search in google

Step 3:- Click on the signup button.

adsence signup button

Step 4:- And enter your website URL and your google email id, and click on a yes radio button because it provides help and performance suggestions. And click on save and continue button.

fill details information about anything

Step 5:- And now it was redirecting to the login page if you have not to log in your google account in your browser.

Step 6:- After login your google account, it was redirecting the next page where a script code in a box and copy these code and paste the under <head> </head> tag in your home page in your website.

adsence script code

Step 7:- After the copy, these code in your website click on the verify button and it takes some time after verifying code on your website. you will wait when your website ready for ads google e-mail you and notify you. your application accepted or rejected if some reason your application rejected then modify your website according to email instruction. and apply again in google AdSense for ads.

2 thoughts on “How to apply for Google Adsense for a website?

  1. hello
    can you help me to approve GOOGLE AdSence account for my website.
    i have tried 4 times but always reject my application.
    Please help me to approve my Google AdSence Account

    1. hello
      Please follow these article step, i assure you, your AdSence account approve instantly.
      And i have write this article after approve my AdSence Account.
      And if you have any other query then feel free write down in comment box.

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