How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress.

If you are installing the Google Analytics in your WordPress dashboard then you have simple tracking Google Analytics data in your WordPress dashboard without visiting the Google Analytics website. You have simply download the plugin in your WordPress website or dashboard. And in this article we have read how to install and set up Google Analytics on your WordPress website. You have simply follow these steps to set up or plugin Google Analytics on your WordPress website.

Step 1:- Go to Website:-

Step 2:- Sign Up or Login your Google Account.

Step 3:- And then click on the Sign-Up button.

google analytics website

Step 4:- And fill the account name (anything), website name (anything), URL (your website URL), select website Industry Category, and select the reporting time zone.

analytics account creation

Step 5:- Click on Get Tracking ID. and accept terms and conditions.

analytics account creation

Step 6:- And copy the Javascript code. and paste it your all HTML, JSP,, PHP and etc. And Paste this JavaScript code in all your web pages in <head> </head> tag as a first-line.

analytics account setup

For WordPress

Step 7:- Open your WordPress Dashboard and click on the plugin >>and then add new (find the plugin in the left side menu in your WordPress dashboard).

Step 8:- Enter in the search bar Google Analytics.

wordpress dashboard

Step 9:– Click on Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP) and click on the Install Now button and install it. When the installation has been completed then now click on the activate button.

Step 10:- Click on Get access code. It will redirect the Google Login page and log in to your Google account >> next click on allow to access your Google account.

exact metrics install in wordpress

Step 11:- After login Google account. it will show code and copy the code and paste it access code text field and then click on save access code.

Step 12:- Change the settings according to your requirements and then click on save changes.

get access code

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