How to Install JAVA and Set Window Path

How to Install JAVA and Set Window Path

Step 1:- Go To the Google search page and search JDK 1.8 download for window (a version of JDK download according to your use and I am using 1.8 )

java download

Step 2:- Click on the first URL after going to the oracle website download section of JDK. accept the license agreement. download ieJDK-version-windows-64 or 32 bit .exe file.

Step 3:- After downloading the complete double click on the downloaded file. it will require permission to changes in the device and you can click on YES if you have click on NO then the installation process terminated.

Step 4:- After permission to access control device you can click on next.

install java in window

Step 5:- If you Change the Install Path of JDK then click change else click next. It will take some time for more than one minute. now after the complete, this installation new window appears.

install java in window

Step 6:- If you can change the JRE installation path then click on the change button else you can click on next. after clicking the next it will take some time please wait while the successful message not appeared.

After the successful message, java has been installed on your system.

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