How to install WordPress In CPanel?

Install WordPress In CPanel

Today we will learn about to install WordPress in Cpanel and WordPress is the best way to create a website. WordPress is the fastest way to create the most desirable website. It will take 10-15 min to create a website. Now start the installation of WordPress in Cpanel.

Step 1:- Go to your Cpanel login page. And login to your CPanel account.

Step 2:- Now find or search the softaculous apps in your CPanel using the search bar.


Step 3:- And now click on the softaculous apps link. Now the next page will be open of softaculous apps and here you can find WordPress.And move your cursor in WordPress icon of photo and here show the install button. Now Click on the Install Button.

wordpress install in cpanel
install wordpress in cpanel

Step 4:- Now choose your domain in the choose installation URL and enter the directory where you can install. if you choose default then clear this directory field. Next enter the WordPress username and password. And next Enter the admin email id. If you have used a database in your WordPress then click on the advance button fill the database details. And now click on the Install button. It will take about 3-5 min to completely install and please don’t click any other button when installation in process.

Step 5:- After the complete installation of WordPress a page to show some information about your WordPress.And click on the Admin URL for Login your WordPress Account. After the click, the URL login page appears on the screen.

wordpress after installation

Step 6:- Enter the Id password that you have enter in the installation of WordPress and click on the login button. After login, the WordPress account your WordPress dashboard will be open.

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