PUBG To Soon Get Helicopters, Rocket Launchers, And More

PUBG To Soon Get Helicopters, Rocket Launchers, And More: What You Should Know

helicopter in pubg

Despite PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) being an extremely successful game, Tencent Games is known for constantly innovating the game. Earlier this month, the multiplayer battle royale game had introduced a Zombie mode. According to a PUBG tipster Mr. Ghost Gaming, players will soon be able to fly a helicopter and easily navigate around the map.

pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile

The beta update was rolled out in the Chinese version of the game. Players using the Timi version have a chance to try out a helicopter and a new Erangel map. In the game, the new vehicle will spawn at the helipad on the roof of the school. The helicopter will be able to accommodate an entire squad. As per the video poster by Mr. Ghost Gaming, one player will maneuver the helicopter while the other will double up as gunners.

The new update has a couple of other interesting additions – a BRDM military vehicle and new weapons like a rocket and grenade launchers. The game will also introduce vehicle repair kits that players could use when opponents inflict damage to their cars. All these new updates could be rolled out to PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite after the testing.

The BRDM military vehicle is already available in the PC version of the game as a special drop item. The vehicle, which can travel on both land and water, can be obtained by shooting a flare gun outside the safe zone.

Earlier this week, the popular mobile app launched the infection mode where players can play as Zombies. In this mode, players are divided into two groups – defenders and zombies. While the defender has to survive, the player playing as a zombie needs to vanquish as many defenders as they can to win.

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