Types of cheater on PUBG

Types of cheater on PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile)

Type of cheater on PUBG There are different types of cheater on PUBG that can make you failed to chicken dinner, and here some of it.

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1. Auto-aim Probably this is the most cheating method that cheater use, With this cheat the cheaters do not need to bother directing their aim towards the opponent, automatically the shot will aim directly at the head of the opposing player. Making an easy headshot and shoot the killed them just one or two shots.

2. Wallhack and wall shot the second cheat that is often encountered in the PUBG game is a wallhack. Just like FPS games or other shooting games, of course, wallhack is the most hated cheat. With this cheat, the players can find out the place of the enemy even behind the wall or in the grass. And with this cheat, the cheater’s bullet can go pass through a wall.

3. Speed hack and flying hack Speed ?? hack is also a popular cheat among PUBG cheaters. They can move quickly with the cheat. The cheat is used so that the player can move to a safe zone quickly or avoid enemy fire easily because the movement is so fast. Even normal players see cheater speed hack as teleporting towards the front because the moving speed is above normal.

4. Instantly revives and instant healing Although it sounds something that is not so profitable. when using this cheat, in fact, the instant cheat review and instant healing are very useful at the end of the game. When the zone is getting smaller and the fighting frequency is increasing, reviving and healing in 1 second is really very detrimental to other players who get a chicken dinner with no cheats.

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