PUBG Mobile Lite Receives Update

PUBG Mobile Lite Receives A New Content Update

Tencent and PUBG Corp. have announced a new update added to PUBG Mobile Lite, as a 0.14 version brings in several changes and fixes to the game. Among the additions you’re getting are a new WP theme and rewards, new outfits, some updated system settings, added customization guide and added emotes. There are also improved UI & update pack size improved graphics, improved battle parameters, some increased accuracy of RPG-7 10, and added bombing zones. You can read more about it below.

Watch PUBG TDM 4 MIN Gameplay

Elevated Gameplay – PUBG Mobile Lite delivers the classic tactical tournament experience on more mobile devices with smooth and stable gameplay.

Detail Optimization – Characters, map details and more are improved for even better visuals.

Building Areas/Supplies optimization: Building density and loot frequency have been increased to expedite the looting process and enhance battle progression.


RPG and New Gear – Players can now experience a new gear in select game modes.

Combat Improvements – PUBG Mobile Lite adds enhanced aim-assist performance in low-end devices while preserving the classic experience, and includes more-visible information including location display and the ability to heal while moving in all stances except prone.

Upgrade to Winner Pass: The Winner Pass replaces the Royale Pass and will have much faster achievement unlocks and span a month, offering fantastic rewards.

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