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PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Lite recently launched in India after its initial launch in other South Asian countries. PUBG Lite recently got a new beta version that brought a 4v4 Mode (Team Deathmatch) like the one we have seen on PUBG Mobile. This new mode comes with a new map. The new map is small enough to make sure that people can have small matches. The PUBG Lite Facebook page announced the update going live. The new map looks similar to the TDM or Team Death Match mode map on PUBG Mobile. It has a warehouse and lots of crates around it. As for the PUBG Lite Open Beta of the game, the update download went live on August 8.

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And now in a new Facebook post from the dev team that announced that the game got its first Indian server. This means that Indian players can now play at low pings with negligible lag. In order to help people who use low-end hardware and expand its user base, developers PUBG Corp released the ‘Lite’ version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds earlier this year. PUBG Lite Beta version is now live in India.

PUBG Lite is already available in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, and Bangladesh. The pre-registration went underway last month on the website and the event began earlier. The event ran till July 3. There were special rewards for participating in the event as well. The game has been modeled to run on lower-end hardware, but just how simple can that hardware be? Here’s a list of the minimum and recommended hardware requirements for the game.

It has been made in such a way so that it can run on low-end smartphones. Requirements: Even if your phone has 2GB of onboard storage or 2GB of RAM, PUBG Mobile can run on it. It can even run on your device if it has low internet connectivity. Even at minimum settings, PUBG Mobile used to need 2 GB of RAM to run. The processor of the phone is also very important for higher frame rates if you want to play PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile lite, on the other hand, is easier as even for optimal settings, it requires less than 2GB of RAM. It will be more than enough for it. PUBG Mobile Lite requires just 500MB of free space to install it. But PUBG Mobile needs 2.4GB of storage space. Gaming modes: Both the games are completely different in their appearances.

PUBG Mobile Lite has two gaming modes — Arcade and Classic. Classic has one map, Erangel, whereas Arcade got one; that is War. It can be achieved when you get to reach level 10. PUBG Mobile has 3, on the other hand, offers Arcade, Classic, and Evoground. The Classic one has 4 maps of Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar, and Erangel. The Evoground has three different options, TDM, Zombie and Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2.

PUBG Mobile Lite is only available for South America and Asia servers. On PUBG Mobile, under Arcade, they can have Sniper training, mini zone, Quick Match, War and others. Then there’s a TDM warehouse in Evoground along with Zombie: Darkest Night and Zombie Survive Till Dawn 2.

PUBG Mobile is applicable in the server options of South America, Europe, KRIP, Middle East, Asia, and North America. Gameplay: There is a difference between the two. On PUBG Mobile, there is a classic battle royale mode where one can compete with hundreds of players. PUBG Mobile Lite is not that grand. On the Erangel map, you can just have 60 players and since it is lower and smaller in numbers, the game can be played very fast and players can move between locations faster. PUBG Mobile Lite has facilities like bullet trail adjustment, aim assist, extended time to kill and others.

PUBG Mobile Lite has other great additional features too like map quality optimization, ability to heal while moving, location display for the shooter, and others. But, the other game equipment usually remains the same. Although both are somewhat similar, they are different on various grounds.

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