PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 Features

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 Brings Bombing Zone, New Outfits, Rewards, And More

Tencent Holdings has started rolling out the update version 0.14.0 for the Lite version of its popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile. Since its launch, the game has been in the top charts on Google Play Store.


The new game is aimed towards bringing new updates, fix several bugs and more to the game. A few notable features are new rewards, emotes, items, outfits and more. PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 changelogs per the changelog, the PUBG Mobile Lite now gets the new bombing zone which is basically the red zone in PUBG Mobile.

In addition to this, the studio has also made some tweaks in the overall graphics performance of the game along with the improved user-interface and updated pack size.

The home screen background has received some attention with the update and is now updated with a new one to give it a much fresher overall look.

Vehicles like pickup trucks can be seen in the game as well which we generally get to see on maps like Sanhok or Miramar. Other changes include, battle parameters improved, increased the accuracy of RPG-7 and several bug fixes.

For that unaware, PUBG Mobile Lite was launched back in July this year and it is aimed to run on devices with less than 2GB RAM. The game has a total package size of 400MB which is around 1.5GB less than the original version of the game.

The Lite version is based on the same battle royale concept but to keep the package size low and overall smooth performance even on low-end devices, each and everything including graphics have been toned down.

The PUBG Mobile Lite features a smaller Erangel map with just 2×2 compared to 6×6. Also, each match in the game just has 60 players instead of 100 players.

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