Set Permanent JAVA Path in the Window

Set Permanent Java Path in the Window

Step 1:- Copy the java path I have discussed in the set temporary java path(click here to see the section). if you have not installed java in your system then goto this how to install java in the window section. (If you have not downloaded java then click here)

Step 2:- After copy the java path press CTRL + E or open file explorer in your system. And right-click on This pc(for window 8.1 or above) or later window My Computer.

file explorer

Step 3:- And now the window properties Open.

control panel

Step 4:- And then click on advanced system settings, a new window will be opened.

control panel in window

Step 5:- Click on environment variables and now the environment variables window will be open. Now click on the new button ( please do not edit or delete any other path if you have deleted or edit another path some feature or function of another program may not be work).

setting java path

Step 6:- Enter in the variable name field “path” and variable value field “copy the bin folder path” and click on Ok. and again click on Ok. again click on Ok. Please do not click any cancel button if you have a click cancel button then your path not updated in the window environment variable. Now you have successfully set the permanent path in the window.

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